Samir Nasri facing four-year ban after Drip Doctors saga

Samir Nasri facing four-year drug ban after Drip Doctors saga

Samir Nasri was the name on everyone’s lips two weeks ago when his ex-girlfriend, Antara Antanes, hacked his Twitter account and publicly accused him of having sex with a Drip Doctor.

The Frenchman later denied the accusations and any involvement in the tweets by saying: “My account got hacked, sorry about what happened earlier.”

Reports have since attempted to explain what exactly happened on December 27 but it would seem the worst is yet to come for Nasri.

According to the Daily Mail, the Manchester City loanee faces a four-year ban from football if found guilty of breaking World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules.


His trip to Drip Doctors could hold further ramifications after details of the intravenous treatment he received emerged.

The clinic’s website says that patients receive “an infusion tailor-made to boost your immune system”, which contains “vitamin C and B-vitamins” and involves “one litre of hydration”.

It’s the latter detail that WADA are currently investigating.

Their own regulations state that intravenous therapy cannot be administered in quantities higher than 50 millilitres per six-hour period unless a medical certificate says otherwise, because high dosage can conceal other forms of doping.

 And while Nasri has the backing of Sevilla, who he can continue playing for throughout the investigation, the Spanish club have admitted they were not aware of the 29-year-old’s treatment.

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Nasri may face a four-year drug ban as a result, with WADA spokesman Ben Nichols explaining: “A violation of Article 2.2 of the code could result in a sanction of up to four years.

“However, this will depend upon factors such as whether or not the use was intentional and if unintentional, the sanction could be subject to further reductions on the basis of no significant fault or negligence.

“The length of the investigation will always depend on the complexity of the case.”

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